A Revolution in Modular Furniture

Welcome to the ultimate modular furniture! We take space-saving, adjustability, and multi-functionality to a whole new level. Transformer Table furniture combines quality material, innovative construction, modular engineering, and classic design in a line of beautiful home furnishings that function like nothing else on the market. Enjoy an unprecedented experience – furniture that transforms into any size for any occasion. 

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Our Mission: Innovation

Before we created our line of transforming furniture, we had to transform an idea. Tables and couches have been around a long time – were people ready for something new? We didn’t just want to make another modular product, we wanted to completely innovate what modular furniture could do. Our goal was to shake up the industry with the ultimate transforming furniture that extends and shrinks to fit any space. It had to look great and be constructed to the highest standards, with a ‘Wow’ factor when people saw what our furniture does. 

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Our Purpose: People + Practicality

To make everyday life easier for everyone, in every type of home. Many people don’t have room for large tables or huge sofas, but still want to entertain friends and family. Our high-quality furniture gives them the power to Live Big in a small space! Every Transformer product is constructed to save space, giving you the freedom to adjust it to any size room and any social occasion. 

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Our Vision: Transform your Home

To become the industry leader in smart home furniture. We started Transformer Table to be THE modular furniture company, with the best-engineered, best-looking, and most extendable & adjustable products in the industry. We continue to develop new products with more exciting innovations, with the goal of making your living room, dining room, and patio furniture the most beautiful and versatile on the market.

Our company history

  • 2016
    Viral Video | First Table Sold | 3 Employees | 139 Households
  • 2017
    Featured on First TV Show | First Bench Sold | 1000 Households | 6 Employees
  • 2018
    B2B Channels | #1 E-Commerce Quebec | Dragons Den CBC | 12 Employees | USA Sales Launched | 4300 Households
  • 2019
    Top Fastest Growing Company in Canada | Most Funded Crowdfunding Project from Canada | Best Small Business Canada Award | 23 Employees | 8200 Households
  • 2020
    First Coffee Table Sold | Outdoor Set Launch/ Partnership with Costco | 41 Employees | 15100 Households
  • 2021
    Transformer Couch Launched | International Launched | Inhouse manufacturing plant opened | 191 employees | 34550 Households

Practical & Innovative

We’ve reinvented what furniture can do by making home decor more flexible than you ever imagined.


We’ve reinvented what furniture can do by making home decor more flexible than you ever imagined.


We are committed to sustainable practices. We plant 10 trees for every item sold and source our wood from responsibly-managed forests.

Made to last a lifetime

Quality workmanship is our top priority. Our furniture is built to last long and look beautiful in your home… and your next home.