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The Transformer Table warranty extends to the original purchaser(s) of Transformer Table products who reside in Canada and the United States. Any warranty, or implied warranty, is only valid for the period of time the Transformer Table product is owned by the original purchaser of the product. The original purchaser, for the purposes of this warranty, will be the individual whose details are associated with the e-commerce purchase. Please retain a copy of the receipt which was sent to the email address on record.

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What Does The Warranty Cover?



     If your products showing damages: tear, ripped, box damage exposing the product:


    Take pictures.

    Sign the proof of delivery "delivery of receipt" with you name and date stamp.

    Submit the claim through warranty form

    Telescopic metal ball-bearing mechanism

    Wood warping in leaves/panels in table/bench (greater than 2mm).

    Metal hardware includes defective clips, pins, latches or bolts.

    Metal frames broken or bent of outdoor or couch product.

    Wicker or woven materials rips, tears, within 24 hours of delivery date.

    Material upholstery products cuts, tears, and discoloration within 24 hours of delivery date.


    • Normal wear and tear of your Transformer Table products due to usage.
    • Any stains, burns, heat marks, scratches, sun light exposure, cuts, water marks, liquid moisture from use by customer or their environment. 
    • Outdoor usage of indoor products.
    • Products that are sold by an unauthorized retailer or sold as “USED or DEMO” or any other verbiage.
    • Damages incurred during assembly or relocation.
    • Metal frame of outdoor or couch product, peeling, rust, scratches, or bend due to misuse.
    • Extended usage of sunlight and sub-freezing temperature. 
    • Cracking, fading, or peeling of woven or wicker materials due to misuse.
    • Impacts, accident, cleaning methods or storage.
    • Material upholstery products or components: ironing, drying, ripping, or peeling, discolorations, dye, shrinking, stretching, wearing, wrinkling, fading, pilling.   
    • Abnormal wear and abnormal loss of resiliency should not be confused with softening and flattening of the foam and fibers, which are considered normal wear, and are not defects.
    • NOTE: All after-market treatment will void any warranty.

    This does not apply to any repair work not authorized by TT. Replaced parts become the property of TT. If the item is no longer sold by TT, TT will provide an appropriate replacement. It is TT that determines, at its sole discretion, what constitutes an appropriate replacement.

    Credit or replacement request procedure:

    • Your name
    • Your order number.
    • A picture of the Bill of Lading (if you noted damages upon receipt)
    • Full picture of the damaged product to measure the proportion of the damage.
    • Full picture of the damaged product with all panels assembled (if applicable)
    • Backside pictures of the panels with the inspection label or red stamp (to determine the manufacture date of your product)
    • Close-up pictures of the areas in question
    • A brief description of the issue and resolution

    Note: Transformer Table does not allow item returns. If an issue occurs upon delivery; accept delivery, take photos of the damaged product, and notate discrepancies on the Proof Of Delivery or Delivery of Receipt. Once the discrepancy is notated and photos are taken, send all information to our Warranty Department through our Warranty Claim Form, and our team will respond with a resolution.

    This warranty does not apply to damages resulting from negligence, misuse, accidents, commercial use, or assembly issues if you do not follow the recommendations within the instructions.


    The fabric warranties do not cover any damage or problems with the fabric where there is evidence of excessive soiling, improper cleaning, or chemical treatment with any protective coating by the retailer or consumer.

    Damages related to assembly process

    Goods requiring assembly need special care when handled. Inspect all parts and hardware BEFORE assembly. Valid part and/or hardware claims must be made PRIOR to assembly. Damages resulting from assembly errors and/or mishandling of parts, most notably scratches, are not covered by this guarantee. You may have consumer rights under applicable federal and or local law that supersede aspects of this warranty. This warranty does not, in any way, supersede the rights given to you by law. As such, these exclusions or limitations may not apply to you.

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Transport Warranty At Delivery

All Transport claims must be submitted within 1-3 business days of receipt of the goods.
In order to proceed to a Transport Warranty Claim you must provide: Proof of signature of the BOL (receiving document signed by purchaser). Proof of Damage written on the BOL by recipient.
Picture of the palette not unpacked with showing the damage of the product. Picture of the units unpacked showing the damage. Picture of the whole table/or bench extended to the full (5 panels) view.
Picture close up of the damage A Transport claim may be voided: due to lack of evidence, poor pictures quality or false claim.
Warranty Center reserves the right to refuse a claim, provide a partial financial compensatior replace only parts of the damaged unit.

Major visible cracks, major chips or dents to the wood, major splits of the wood.

Minor superficial scratches, dents and marks, cosmetic degradation or staining or paint discoloration, all heat marks and all water damage, any damages past 3 business days  from receipt date of your product due to storage.

In case of misalignment, follow this procedure.

If you cannot close your table or bench completely, please ensure that the wood tops are aligned properly with the rail mechanism.

To troubleshoot the alignment issue, you can follow these steps:

·         Untighten bolts: Start by locating the bolts at each end of the bench. Gently untighten these bolts using an appropriate tool, such as a wrench or screwdriver.

·         Realign wooden tops: Once the bolts are loosened, you can now adjust the wooden tops of the bench or table. Carefully align them so that they are even and close flush when the bench is closed.

·         Tighten the bolts: It's important to retighten the bolts after making the necessary adjustments.

·         Place the panels, push the console as much as possible & lastly, close the clasps underneath the bench or table.

Solid Wood Furniture

The appeal of solid wood furniture is that each piece is unique in terms of color, natural marks, grain patterns and workmanship. Consequently, you may notice some differences between items from the same range; any such differences are considered an integral part of this totally natural product. Due to the very nature of solid wood furniture, all ranges will feature varying degrees of distressing; this may include wood splits, filling, knots, distress marks, antiquing and more. To complement these unique qualities, some of our ranges are crafted to showcase 'distressed' or 'rustic' styling. This is very much intentional by our skilled craftsman and makes each piece unique with a 'lived in' appearance.

Room Temperature

Did you know that almost 50% of the weight of freshly sawn wood is made up of water? At Transformer Table, all timbers undergo a meticulous kiln-drying process to carefully reduce this moisture content, leaving just enough so that it can properly acclimate to the humidity in your home. That’s why it’s important for you to maintain the humidity levels wherever you place your Transformer Table products. To be safe, humidity levels should be set between 40%-55% at all times. This is also true for any hardwood furniture products that you own or that you may purchase in the future. Note: Do not place furniture directly next to heating or air conditioning vents, as this can alter the natural humidity levels and may result in drying and splitting, altering dimensions enough that panels no longer align with the console.

Living Environment – Storage

We highly recommend storing your Transformer Table panels in the same space as your Transformer Table for at least two consecutive months. This is to ensure both the wooden table and panels all adapt and acclimate in the same living environment.

Cleaning And Care

When it comes to cleaning your Transformer Table products, use only household cleaners or solvents intended for solid wood materials. Using other household cleaning products may cause harm and/or damage the finish.

Cleaning directions:
Use a clean cloth made of soft, lint-free cotton.
Moisten the cloth with just enough water to make the dust adhere to it.
Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.
Store the wooden components of your TT products (as much as possible) in the same living environment.

  • DO

    - Blot up spills immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth

    - Use coasters, placemats and tablecloths to protect furniture during use

    - Store the wooden components of your TT products (as much as possible) in the same living environment

    - Keep humidity levels at a good level year-round (40%-55%). It is recommended to purchase a humidifier for the room if needed.

  • DON'T

    - Place furniture directly next to heating or air conditioning vents

    - Use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than hardwood furniture, as they are liable to damage the finish

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Have An Issue With Your Product?

At any point during your one-year warranty period, you can submit a claim online to our support team.

Please give us 3-5 business days to process your inquiry and/or claim, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.